Apologies to all since it seems that you will have to reset your account with Zarathustra Speaks

Stay tuned while we determine if the last three years of entries can be recovered before we post the August Essay…..

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One Response to Hacked?

  1. Hi Mr. Price,

    I’m Matthew Sawyer – I’m a fan. I eat-up your Youtube videos (as well as those from Aronra and the Atheist Experience, Dennet, Dawkins, Hitchens, etc). You’re all wonderful. Then I spotted you on the Adam Niswander tribute video at Lovecraftzine. Man, your interest in theology and weird fiction are as beacons. I stumble in your footsteps. If I may impose – though doors consistently slam against me (ask Mike Davis about that) – can you tell me if my Pazuzu Trilogy is any good. I’ve been so passionate about my Lovecraft-inspired mythology despite Lovecraft fans hating me, but I am worn ragged. I’m ready to abandon my fruitless muse. Can you either crush that bug or give me small hope? I would prayer, but, meh.

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