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The Bible Geek Podcast 19-003
Wednesday, January 16th 2019, m
In a recent (or, recent to me) episode, you said the Reformation was, to some extent, based on how one shouldn't read secret meanings into the Bible. Can you elaborate on this? Can you shed any light on Passover terminology in Hebrew and Greek?: Is there any historical reason to think that John the Baptist was beheaded on Herodsbirthday? It seems to "foreshadowed" by Pharoah beheading the cupbearer on hisbirthday. I know that the gospels often say events in the OT "foreshadow" events in Jesus life. What can we know or surmise about the Jerusalem Church led by James? What does Paul mean by ?Lord?? He often writes ?the Lord Jesus Christ.? What is this word ?Lord? in Greek and its meaning? What if Q was none other than one of the Jewish Christian gospels (The Gospel of the Hebrews, The Gospel of the Ebionites, The Gospel of the Twelve, or The Gospel of the Nazarenes)? Why do the lists of 10b Commandments in Exodus 20 and 34 differ? Theme music provided by: Peter Benjamin - composer for media www.peterbenjaminmusic.org peterbenjaminmusic@gmail.com

The Bible Geek Podcast 19-002
Friday, January 11th 2019, m
Did children really play at mourning? Do you happen to know of any references, preferably from the seven authenticated letters of Paul which can be used to support/confirm the consensus dates of 35 to 56 for Paul? Isn't there a non canonical gospel that has a transfiguration like scene that actually is a resurrection appearance?And bwhy do some think the canonical transfiguration story was originally a post resurrection appearance? I recently reread the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. I can understand how stories of the young Jesus could come about but why in the world would someone that was a Christian of any stripe go to the trouble of writing something that makes kid Jesus look like a brat? I mean this thing reminds me of the Twilight Zone "It's a Good Life". Re the NRSV, aside from the absurd inclusive language thing do you have any other problems with it? Why do mainstream scholars say that 1 Thess. was written around 50CE? I'm curious as to what the apologetics are regarding badly answered prayers. John 4:22 says the Samaritans worship what they do not know, while the Jews worship what they do know. What do we think the authors trying to say about Samaritan beliefs exactly? Is that believed to be historically accurate, or a mischaracterization of 1st/2nd-century CE Samaritanism? Can you explain exactly which components of rapture theology are identifiable in the Bible using historically appropriate hermeneutics, and which components are truly "not in the Bible"?

The Bible Geek Podcast 18-033
Sunday, November 18th 2018, m
Might Mark 6:24ff mean that Herodias used John's severed head as a magical oracle device? Could Moses and Joshua have been variant (Canaanite and Egyptian) versions of an older mythic deity, subsequently harmonized? To what scriptural evidence do Pre- and Postmillennialists appeal? Ricky Gervais says he is an "agnostic-atheist." What does that mean? Theme music provided by: Peter Benjamin - composer for media www.peterbenjaminmusic.org peterbenjaminmusic@gmail.com

The Bible Geek Podcast 18-032
Friday, November 2nd 2018, m
Would you care to comment on the pre-Jesus environment, especially the book of Daniel and Enoch? Was Jesus on the cross actually petitioning Elijah to come and rescue him? Or appealing for the sun (Elijah?s fiery chariot) to rise? Might the ?young men? who seized him have been angels or archons trying to prevent the ascension of Jesus? The young man who fled away naed, leaving behind his garment: was this the Christ spirit escaping the flesh-body and leaving it behind? Or might the young man have been the resurrected Lazarus? Did the Ark of the Covenant even exist? What saith the Bible about animals? Can you recall any case of God overtly lying? The ?existence? of God. Recap of Mythicism. Was Hitchens correct that, had Jesus been sheer invention, early Christians would have created a simpler Nativity story? Theme music provided by: Peter Benjamin - composer for media www.peterbenjaminmusic.org peterbenjaminmusic@gmail.com

The Bible Geek Podcast 18-031
Thursday, September 13th 2018, m
On whethermainstream acceptance of Mythicism would end Christianity. How is Arminianism any less deterministic than Calvinism? If God knows how all future events would come to pass, then how can human beings act contrary to God's foreknowledge? My wife is an evangelical believer and raises our kids in her faith. I don?t object, but after much internal debate, I?ve chosen to expose my kids to facts regarding other faiths in the world. My only real beef with the evangelical faith is the reliance on the threat of eternal damnation. How would you approach this? What passages in the Bible would you use to promote alternative eschatologies? Is Jerusalem the 3rd-holiest site for Islam? And is Muhammad?s ascent to heaven apocryphal or Koranic? Does the Koran promise 72 virgins or 72 raisins? If none of the four Gospels had survived but only Tatian's Gospel Harmony, wouldacademics have been able to discover there were at least four Gospels and the Q document behind it? What methods can be used to find out if the Quran was originally several different sources? Why were four Gospels included in the New Testament?Was each aimed at refuting a particular heresy? In the Bible, what is "usury," charging excessive Interest or the charging of anyinterest? What is a "familiar spirits"? Please comment on the nearly pornographic Ezekiel 23:20? Theme music provided by: Peter Benjamin - composer for media www.peterbenjaminmusic.org peterbenjaminmusic@gmail.com

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