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The Bible Geek Podcast 14-059
Wednesday, November 19th 2014, 24m
If humans can have free will in heaven but always choose the good, why didn't God make us that way to start with? Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith says that in Luke 23:43, Jesus did not promise the repentant thief admission to "paradise" but only to the (purgatorial) "world of spirits." Does the Greek word allow for that? Given the deep divisions in the Church of England these days (conservatives, liberals, and evangelicals), one sometimes wonders if the whole thing will break apart in spectacular fashion. Do you think it will? Regarding the imputation of sin to Adam and Eve when they hadn't yet any knowledge of good and evil, might the first bite have been innocent, though imparting moral knowledge, which told them it would be sinful to keep eating, but they did anyway? What are the top 5 books that were serious contenders but ultimately did not make it into the canon? What are the top 5 books that made it into the canon by the skin of their teeth? Khalil Ibn Ahmad (d. 786??787 CE) wrote: "The Sabians believe they belong to the prophet Noah, they read the Psalms, and their religion looks like Christianity." Were these remnant communities of Noahides/Theophobias? What do you make of the apparent confusion between Noah and Hermes in these early Islamic writings? The birth year range for Irenaeus is either 115-125CE or 130-142CE. What if, Irenaeus is actually the historical Polycarp, inventing his master Polycarp, his martyrdom and his connection to Papias and the Apostle John in order to boost his own authority? Might it be that Ham had sex with Noah's wife (who was not the mother of his three sons), with Canaan as the result, like the Moabites and Ammonites? If all scripture is "God-breathed" wouldn't that refer to its being breathed out, not breathed in? Thus instead of speaking of the "inspiration" of the Bible, would not we be more accurate to refer to its "expiration"? In view of Bart Ehrman's recent dismissal of the burial story as fiction, do you think he's headed for mythicism? What's the "Queen Jane Bible"? Might Galatians 4:4-5 (Jesus was "born of a woman") refer, as the phrase sometimes did, to vaginal delivery, not by C-section? Does Luke 19:26-27 advocate violence? What is the basis for the concept of the unalterable law of the Medes and Persians mentioned in Daniel 6:15?

The Bible Geek Podcast 14-058
Wednesday, November 5th 2014, 1h17m
Share any fun Halloween traditions? Is it likely that many biblical "revelations" & "prophecies" were real or pretended interpretations of brontologia (thunderclap oracles)? I have often heard it said that there is no mention of Hell in the Old Testament. What about Daniel 12:2 and Ecclesiastes 12:13? Can you recommend any good books about the sermons and writings among 19th century protestant and evangelical preachers? What was it about 19th century American Christianity that led to so many new religious movements? Is N.T. Wright worth reading? Does it make any sense to make the distinction that Muslims do not worship the same god as Jews & Christians, but do pray to the same god? Assuming their historicity, can we infer that prophets, such as Jeremiah, Moses, Paul, & Abraham who "communicated" with god, were merely undiagnosed schizophrenics? Rather than willful deception? In Genesis 3:22, God kicks Adam and Eve out of the garden so that they can't eat from the Tree of Life and live forever. Isn't it implied that Adam and Eve would have lived forever before they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? What was the point of the Tree of Life if they would have lived forever anyway? Did Adam and Eve have to keep eating from the Tree of Life to stay alive before they were exiled? Does the Geek have any teaching philosophy aimed at inculcating intellectual honesty and independent, critical thought? What do you think of John Hick's form of religious pluralism? What is the Geek's favorite flavor of pizza? Can someone give me a comprehensive minimalist timeline--maybe with some sources?

The Bible Geek Podcast 14-057
Thursday, October 16th 2014, 1h19m
The Ethiopian canon divides the book of Proverbs into two parts, 1??24 and 25??31. Is it an ancient Jewish division or something later scribes came up with? Could we view the Gospels as products of rival Antiochs? Luke wrote in Antioch near the Sea and Matthew wrote in Edessa (also called Antioch). Is there any connection between the number of Surahs in the Qur'an (114) and the number of sayings in the Gospel of Thomas (also 114)? What is so significant about James the brother of Jesus? Is there actual archaeological evidence that Quirinius had an earlier tenure as Roman governor in Palestine? Do you believe the Gospel writers simply believed in annihilation or eternal torture? Did they view Gehenna merely as a garbage dump or a symbol for a literal hell? From some of the stuff I've heard about The Golgotha Chainsaw Massacre (aka Gibson's The Passion of the Christ), a lot of stuff in the movie was based not biblical sources, but on the visions of a nun, which gave a much higher detailed version of the passions. Was I hearing right, and what can you tell us about this version of the death of Christ? An apologist said, "Most scholars today have no difficulty with the fact that the canon of scriptures was formed by the end of the first century. Everybody knew what the Bible was. There were a few disputes, a few discussions over certain books, but the church fathers and the very early Christians had no problem over the vast majority of the New Testament. The Old Testament, of course, was already decided." Do you agree that Christians had the Bible canon, both Old and New Testaments, pretty much settled by the end of the first century? Second, even if you disagree, would you grant this fellow's assertion that "most scholars" share his opinion? Does Isaiah really mention satyrs? Would you give a thumbnail biography and explain the significance of Marcion and Polycarp?

The Bible Geek Podcast 14-056
Saturday, October 4th 2014, 1h19m
Can you provide a Bible timeline that addresses the time periods when each piece was put together, and when the Bible as a whole would have been accepted by the modern religion(s) of that time? Who tattooed the testicles of Jesus in Rev. 19:16? Why is Paul so keen that men in the Corinthian church should pray or prophesy with heads uncovered (1 Cor. 11:4)? Why didn't Paul include his mates on the way to Damascus amongst his witnesses in 1Cor15? If it was so darn urgent to spread the gospel all over the world, why didn't Jesus, a carpenter after all, build a boat and embark on missionary voyages to the Western hemisphere?

The Bible Geek Podcast 14-055 (Google Hangout)
Tuesday, September 30th 2014, 1h43m
Was John the Baptist historical? Robert Eissler's theories on both the fish god Oannes (Dagon) and a historical John, but a generation earlier than Jesus. Does John's presence in Josephus support his historicity? More evidence that the genealogies of Matthew and Luke are fundamentally irreconcilable. Strauss' The Life of Jesus Critically Examined seems to have dealt with and "flattened" every apologist argument in support of historicity long before modern apologetics. Dr. Price reads an excerpt from his forthcoming Blaming Jesus for Jehovah book on Matthew's nativity story. Modern rationist theories concerning the star of Bethlehem. Colin Wilson on Lovecraft. Discussion on Price's Antarktos Cycle anthology containing a sequel by Wilson to Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness. Lamentations about the lack of European scholarship never translated into English. The Human Bible New Testament is nearing print publication. The audio recording of The Case Against the Case for Christ was recently completed and should soon go into the editing process. Why do scholars quote material in multiple languages but never provide an English translation, even in predominantly English books? Story collaboration between Peter H. Cannon and Price called "The Curate of Temphill," another anthology which contains Price's "The Seven Thunders," etc. The sealing up of the seven thunders and brontology in Revelation in relation to other apocrypha and "heresies" such as Nicolaitans. How John's gospel functions as a "corrective" to the synoptics and betrays a knowledge of these earlier gospels. John the Baptist as the incarnate Logos. Why did the gospel of John portray Jesus as being guilty of blasphemy in the eyes of the Judean crowds? Philo's philosophy in John's gospel. Does Satan ever attempt to prevent the birth of Jesus in any apocryphal gospel? Some similar and somewhat parallel motifs exist in a Sufi saying and in the birth of Zoroaster. A look at "pseudo-Matthew" (AKA The Infancy Gospel of Matthew). Jehovah's Witnesses interpret the star as Satanic in origin. Jesus as the "Star Child" of 2001.

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