Gog and Magog


What does it mean when the American government releases terrorists picked up off the battlefield to a permanent, all-expense-paid vacation to Bermuda? When Taliban and al-Qaida prisoners still in Guantanimo Bay, live in better conditions than when they were “free” back in the lunar landscape of Afghanistan? When these same people given medicine and ample food (carefully tailored to their dietary restrictions) persist in hissing death threats to those who treat them well? When we grant the rights of US citizens to terrorists who do not believe anyone but Allah has rights and that freedom is “against Islam”?  When we read terrorists Miranda Rights, implying one would have to put them all on trial with witnesses as to their crimes and motives? When our leaders impotently offer negotiations, not threats, to nations who proudly trumpet their anti-Semitism in general and their particular desire to nuke Israel—and all this when it is plain European negotiations have for a decade merely allowed these villains more time to build their nukes? When our Justice Department prosecutes its own intelligence agents for interrogating al-Qaida agents in our custody? When a book about the furor among Muslims at Western Muhammad cartoons dares not publish the cartoons themselves for fear of fanatical reprisals? When Christian clergy suggest Christians start calling God Allah? When Islamic tyrants are wined and dined and welcomed to speak at our universities while those who oppose them are shouted down as racists? When we protect Islamic free speech but condemn criticism of Islam as “hate speech”?

I’ll tell you what it means.

It means we are witnessing the collapsing of a decadent Christian civilization that lacks the backbone to withstand the multi-pronged assault of militant barbarism. And it is our Christianity that has poisoned us, made us sick and impotent and cowardly—and called these miserable, contemptible traits “saintly” and even “progressive.” Such fools cannot believe others do not share their ethos of polite sensitivity and that blinds them to the flagrant violation of the same by their enemies. Oh yes, I know, there are many tolerant, mainstreamed, well, uh, assimilated, secularized Muslims who have sloughed off the barbarism of their more consistent cousins who will murder a man for getting a Western style haircut, kill a raped daughter for bringing shame on the family, execute someone for changing religions. Please, worldly, assimilating, melting pot Muslims! Keep losing your identity except as a vestige! We can live with that. The sad thing is, we are just as happy, seemingly, to live with an obvious and dangerous process of “Finlandization.” In other words, for fear of offending Muslims, here or abroad, we save them the trouble and censor ourselves. It is contemptible that we as a civilization will not stand up to the barbarian hordes. It is even more contemptible that we do not even realize we should.

We know that Muslim fanatics (more and more a redundancy, I’m afraid) have the courage to embrace martyrdom if they can kill a few more infidels. Heaven awaits them. We, too, believe in martyrdom, did you know? We know damn well that prosecuting our interrogators, emasculating the CIA, will have the same result it did when last we did it (in self-reproach for doing what had to be done): it will endanger our people. But if and when it does cost some lives, the Liberals who will be to blame as accomplices of the terrorists will be tearfully proud of those innocents—who will be henceforth esteemed as what? Why, martyrs to the American Liberal faith, that “we are a nation of laws, not men.” Well, that will be so! The men and women will be dead, the laws will survive—like the cockroaches do--only by then it will be Shari’ah law. In this decadent society the true Patriot will be the martyr, not the one who draws a line and stands against further encroachment, but the one who erases the line and welcomes in the barbarians. We will have turned the other cheek: “What a good boy am I!” That’s what your tombstone will read.

Western democracy is senile, snoozing, lazy, and it is retiring from the field of history to make way for the barbarians who may, as history has shown, begin to ape the very culture they stamped underfoot. But it will be hard. And it will take centuries before “Eurabia” and, after that, “Amerabia” reinvent the wheel of freedom. And we will forget the lesson that democracy and gentility and sensitivity will sooner or later be used against us as a Trojan Horse by those who laugh at our values.

Some of you will call me a racist and a bigot for saying what I have said here. Congratulations: you are just whisking off the Welcome Mat for the barbarians. But don’t you know it has not a thing to do with race, or even culture, but with people who think it is sinful to be free and that it is their God-ordained mandate to eradicate such freedom lest any mortal flesh exalt itself against Allah?

What should Europe do about mortgaging its future to Islam? One day soon you will see, I am sure of it, Nativist rallies, even riots, in Germany and Britain. And because the intellectuals and the polite middle classes will despise the genuine racism of these unlettered people who will, e.g. declare hunting season on Turks in Germany, Pakistanis and Ugandans in Britain, etc. Because only the Nativists will take up the fight, the fight will appear to be the business only of bigots, I am here to say it is not. I am also here to say I do not know what moderate humane (but decisive) measures ought to be taken to repel Islamic barbarism. Really, none, because the polite, sensitive, and decadent will make any moderate measure impossible by insisting they are bigotry. You’re just sewing shut the bag you’re in, my friend. And that is why we are doomed. We are cowards hiding behind pretensions of nobility. Perhaps we deserve to be overthrown by a younger, more virulent culture than our own. Perhaps we even want it, since our slave mentality includes the desire to be punished even if we have done nothing. But if it must be, let’s go down swinging.  

So says Zarathustra.

Robert M. Price
September 2009


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