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Shall I admit it? While most of my reading is nonfiction, mainly religious studies, when I do read fiction, it is virtually all Horror, Sword-& Sorcery, hero pulps, Tolkien, and old time Science Fiction. I do not even venture close enough to the mainstream to have read Sherlock Holmes, though I did get through a couple of titles by Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammet. (I was trying to acquire a taste for detective fiction, but it didnít work.) And my fiction writing partakes of the same limited interests. I write in the same sub-genres I read. No surprise there! What does surprise me is the sheer number of stories I have written. Even more surprising than that is the fact that so many of them have achieved publication, albeit in small venues.

Lovecraft was a scholarly soul, and part of the effect of his stories, with their gradual build-up from the mundane to the spectacular, is their scholarly, treatise-like tone. The reader gets the feeling he is reading a deposition, a reluctant account, the report of a case. Such narration comes naturally to me, too, because of my prior experience in scholarly writing. It is perhaps something of a limitation, but then if oneís goal is to imitate a limited writer, maybe it is an asset, too!

††††††††††† But I am also a devout fan of Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lin Carter, Richard L. Tierney, and others. Their fiction hurtles along and is filled with imaginative color. I try to write in this vein, too, and so some of my stories are more action-oriented and stronger on plot. In the last few years, I have taken up the fallen banner of Lin Carterís Thongor of Lemuria saga. Lin appointed me his literary executor, and so I feel that carrying on Thongorís adventures is within my prerogative. I have a Conan novel in me, too, but Iím not writing it till I can get official permission.

††††††††††† My wife Carol and I have a perpetual disagreement over the proper role of literature. She is a natural born educator and activist, and she has little patience with fiction or films that do not convey an ennobling message. But for me, if there is a message, it is icing on the cake, a nice added dimension, but not at all necessary. I agree with Camus as to the utter gratuity of art, art simply for artís sake. I doubt that even at my most sophistical I could wring a message out of John Jakesís Brak the Barbarian or Frank Belknap Longís ďIn the Lair of the Space Monsters,Ē but neither do I feel compelled to try! If they stimulate my imagination, stories have done more than their job toward edifying and instructing me. I hope you may derive some minutes of such fun as you read some of my fiction. And let me assure you: none of it is veiled autobiography!


The Fiction of Robert M. Price


The Burrower Beneath

The Creature in the Crypt

The Transition of
Abdul Alhazred

The Thing from the Trenches-
An Untold Tale of Herbert West

The Devil's Steps

The Incubus of Atlantis

Behold, I Stand at
the Door and Knock


of Lemuria

Acute Spiritual Fear

Under the Mound

The Gordian Knot

 Mindlords of Lemuria

The Fifth Narrative:
The Ghouls Tale

The Deprogrammer



Stay tuned for many more additions to the list.


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